Judge Yeary will gift a free RE-ELECT JUDGE YEARY MASK for each contribution $50 and over for 24 hours.

Today, July 9, 2020, Judge Yeary posted on his social media about his concern over the cancelation of the Texas GOP Convention by the Mayor of Houston. He was looking forward to the event, having secured a booth, and give aways, and a new cool mask!

His picture with his new mask got a lot of attention!

In response, Judge Yeary announced at around 5:00pm today that he would send a free gift mask to each person who contributes at least $50 to his campaign in the next 24 hours. Please help us to get the message out to more Texans who care about the future of our courts by sharing this blog post! Then click the DONATE button at the top of our website to contribute to the campaign!!!

Mask Photo

Judge Yeary Wins Most Votes in State Bar of Texas Poll

On February 4, 2020, the State Bar of Texas 2020 Judicial Poll results were released. I am happy to announce that I received more votes than anyone else for Place 4 on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals! I am truly grateful to everyone who took the time to cast a vote for me in the poll! Onward!!!




Judge Yeary Announces Campaign for Re-Election

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Great State of Texas as a Judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals!
Since January of 2015, I have worked hard to serve you as a conservative jurist, respecting the different work of the other branches of government, and resolving criminal cases with an eye toward the improvement of our state’s jurisprudence for the long term. I am now seeking your support as I ask for the opportunity to serve out a second term. Please support and vote to re-elect Judge Kevin Patrick Yeary as Judge in Place 4 on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.