Judge Yeary is asking for your vote!!!

Judge Yeary is asking for your vote!!!

Judge Yeary has been busy, traveling this BIG state of ours, meeting with voters, and talking to them about the importance of keeping a well-qualified originalist Judge--who refuses to legislate from the bench--in Place 4 on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals!

Here is his message:

"I would be honored to continue to serve this Great State on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I am the only Judge on the Court today who previously worked for the Court as a young law-clerk to one of her former Judges, I have represented citizens-accused and have helped to exonerate wrongly accused clients, I have served as an appellate prosecutor in the largest DA's Offices in Texas and achieved numerous important victories for justice, and I have now served for nearly six years as a Judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I have the experience and qualifications for the job. But my most important qualification for the job is this: I know who writes the law, and it's not me! 

Judges are not policy makers. Judges do not write the law. The Executive and Legislative departments of government exist to do those things.

All government actors, including Judges, must respect the limits placed on them by the U.S. and Texas constitutions. The Courts exist to decide cases and disputes between parties to litigation, by applying the constitutions and laws that already exist and are written and approved by others. They do not exist to achieve the outcomes that Judges might prefer.

I will enforce the constitutions and laws--as written--so that the law will always apply equally to every actor, whether a citizen-accused, the State, or a civil-litigant. If this is the kind of Judge you want serving on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, please vote for me." 


We can really use your help!  Contribute $25, $50, or $100 today: JudgeYeary.com

Here are some photos from events recently attended by Judge Yeary, all across our State: 

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